Car trash bin mini desktop storage box

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Product Name: Car Trash Can

Color: Black, Grey
Can Material: Aluminum Alloy+ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Process: Oxidation
Capacity: 500mL
Fixed Position: Inner cup rack, door cubby-hole, armchair box



1. Open it in a click, you can dispose small garbage easily
2. As long as the cover is closed, no odor will leak out
3. It can be placed at will
4. Telescope-feed Fixation
5. Also useful for office desktops
6. Aviation Alloy Quality
7. 500mL large capacity

Simple and clean travel with ease

Product parameters

--Color: Black, Dark gray --Materials: Aluminum alloy+ ABS --Process: oxidation --Fixed position: inner cup rack, door cubby-hole, armchair box